Equilibrium Stretch & Flex Exercise Bandages

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Smart and easy to use, breathable exercise bandages which provides soft and flexible support. The inbuilt ‘Cool Space’ liner reduces heat build-up and wicks away sweat.

Cool Space liner keeps horses legs cool and dry whilst working

Offers superb levels of support and cushioning

Easy to apply, easy to wash and extremely comfortable for your horse to wear

Our Stretch & Flex Exercise Bandages are designed to provide high levels of support, cushioning and protection to your horse’s lower leg during exercise.

The Stretch & Flex Exercise Bandages have a unique open weave fabric with four-way stretch to help prevent uneven pressure. Using a 3D material known for its comfort and stretch and commonly used in sports underwear, Stretch & Flex Exercise Bandages contain an inbuilt ‘Cool Space’ liner designed to reduce heat build-up by wicking moisture away from the leg. In addition, the Cool Space liner offers soft, comfortable protection exactly where it is needed without the need for additional padding underneath the bandage – making them easier to apply correctly and less cumbersome to use

Available in packs of four

Ideal for schooling Stretch & Flex Exercise Bandages are available in one size so are easily transferable from one horse to the other. 

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