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Equi-Fit Values


Research and developments

Equi-Fit continues to raise expectations by pairing innovative designs with highly advanced materials. Their r & d team is always on the lookout for ways to deliver the most competitive and sound solutions. Their products constantly evolve to address customer needs with functional ideas. Top riders, trainers and barn managers work with Equi-Fit to test and refine each new product.


Environmentally conscious

Equi-Fit is dedicated to providing environmentally-kind solutions; whether by eliminating packaging where possible or using natural antimicrobial elements such as silver in our products instead of harsh, synthetic chemicals.



Equi-Fit's state-of-the-art products and materials go back to basics when it comes to elegant design and craftsmanship. Each product piece is hand sewn, individually molded and lined with the highest quality materials.


Made in the USA

They could save money and produce more products overseas. Instead, they are proud that their products and materials keep jobs in the USA and ensure labor standards are met with oversight and care. The one exception is Equi-Fit's line of leather products, manufactured in France by a leading sellier.

***Information Courtesy of Equi-Fit