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Equi-Fit Technology


Made with T-Foam:™ The Choice of Champions

zoom_tfoamOriginally developed for astronaut seating, and used today in hospitals, wheelchairs and other applications where minimizing pressure points is critical, T-Foam is a shock-absorbing material that conforms to each horse’s body for a custom fit, every time with 100% recovery for the next use. Featured in many of Equi-Fit’s high performance products, this advanced, neoprene-free technology absorbs 97% of shock and vibration under impact.

Allows air to circulate, preventing build-up of heat and perspiration


Provides pressure-free support


Minimizes dirt and debris build-up known to cause rubs, chafing and abrasions



Experience the Power of Silver

Ionic Silver has been historically recognized for its antibacterial properties and ability to kill viruses, molds and fungi. Tapping into this power, EquiFit, inc. has developed the AgSilver line of silver-infused horsecare products.

Used individually or in combination depending upon the need, these innovative products have been designed for use as a preventative measure against fungi, viruses and bacteria and for the treatment of skin irritations, nicks, rubs, cuts and other external wounds that can or have become infected. Equi-Fit incorporates Agion Silver in much of its AgSilver product line. This ionic (microscopic) silver is a smart material that will only release its antimicrobial properties when microbes are present “on-demand” to kill them in three ways and prevent the development of resistant strains. This naturally occurring element has been proven safe and effective in fighting a wide range of microbes and is environmentally friendly.

*All AgSilver products are free of antibiotics.

***Information Courtesy of Equi-Fit