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Carr & Day & Martin Manufacturing and Quality Control


Unlike many companies today, Carr & Day & Martin actually manufacture their own products in our own factory.  In fact over 80% of the products in the current range are manufactured at their Lytham plant.

Manufacturing gives Carr & Day & Martin many advantages, not least control over the process from start to finish.  It also gives the flexibility to meet demands of their growing customer base both at home and abroad.  Many of their products are seasonal and as such it is often difficult to predict demand.

Manufacturing themselves also gives them the flexibility to support their international partners located in 29 countries around the world and growing.  They are now able to supply country specific labels in over 22 languages as well as meet any special labelling requirements in those countries.

Quality is something they are fanatical about. Although there are no specific manufacturing requirements or standards laid down for manufacture of horse care products, Carr & Day & Martin have for many years manufactured to pharmaceutical standards. This standard is known throughout the world as cGMP and stands simply for Good Manufacturing Practice. You can rest assured that when you deal with a company that is cGMP certified they work to the highest standards.

Their team of qualified personnel monitor the production process from the arrival of the raw materials to the shipping of the finished product. Every single ingredient they use has its own Certificate of Analysis and this gives them instant traceability back to the source, should any problems occur.

This ensures that horse owners can have complete peace of mind when using their products.