Back On Track Night Collection – Fleece Polo Wraps

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Elegant and classic polo wraps to make your dream outfit come true. Our polo wraps can be bought separately or together with our classic or Scandic pads for a stunning look on every occasion. Our polo wraps are made without mineral infusion so you can use your outfit during neutralizing periods or together with our standard pads for the Welltex® effect.

Why do you want to neutralize the legs? The superficial tendons in our horse legs are prone to injuries and these injures often take a long time to heal due to the lack of blood circulation to the tendons*.

By using our Welltex® products your horse can get some help to increase the blood circulation in a natural way. Slowly the body will adjust to this effect and to keep the body from adjusting we recommend you to; use Welltex® product for approximate two weeks and then take a break in the third week.


  • Only come in size 11.
  • Available in Blue or Ruby

Art. No. 2092
* Does not contain any Welltex or Iontex material *